Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Identity Crisis !

Note - Wanted to write tonnes of material in this post, however due to time constraints have managed to use minimum words to convey the topic. I am sure many will not understand it. All i can say is Happy reading and hope it makes sense.

It all starts with Male and Female. That’s the first level of separation or identity of our kind, the Homo Sapiens.  Over the years, we humans have evolved in a manner where we like to identify, label and categorize everything.

We identify ourselves based on our religion. I am a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Jew ….endless
For centuries we were rigid about our religious beliefs that every other religion apart from ours was considered wrong and evil. There’s a gradual shift in most of our ( when I say ‘our’, it represents we as a whole, the entire human race) mindset where in we are now tolerant to other faiths. Some are still not. And until those ‘some’ feel theirs is the only right religion or path in life; hate will remain, shootings will take place, bombs will explode, and innocent people will die.

And bombs will explode also due to another identity of ours that we dearly hold on to. Our patriotism; which makes us ( when I say ‘us’, it represents we as a whole, the entire human race) so arrogant that every person feels  their nation is always right with respect to other. Do we need this? Do we want to be associated with a small piece of land, or do we rather prefer being associated with this magnificent planet called Earth. Are we not Earth citizens rather than country citizens? All of us, including you and me, are part of this ever expanding, seemingly infinite Universe. So to think about it at such a grand scale, the Earth itself is an insignificant spec.

Let us take a look. This picture is of our Galaxy, the Milky Way (and i hope those reading do understand what a Galaxy is).

I know; its impossible to even spot our Solar System in here, let alone Earth. And this is just one galaxy. Let us look further.

Each dot is a Galaxy (yup, those are Not stars! ). Real Beauty........isn't it! Sigh!

Such is our Universe. Its so huge, that the word 'huge' itself is insignificant in this context. Now where are you, me and we in it?

And here we are, until 2013, with our identities of religion, organizations, nations; and fighting over issues that are insignificant when compared to the nature of our universe. This Identity Crisis will however remain for a long time, but we as the most intelligent beings around (i hope so), can raise our consciousness, to be universal citizens and; be good do good. 

PS: Wishing everyone a Happy 2014 :)

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