Thursday, October 03, 2013

That Funny Feeling

Its pitch black outside and stunningly silent. The only sound I can hear right now is of the insects. (its something like a high frequency kkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).
Inside, the TV is loud and family glued to it, getting ready for dinner to be served. Some of them talking about good old times. I however; prefer sitting out in the dark and hitting my laptop keyboard hard and fast (to type this down). The place is my hometown Mangalore, the time is 10pm, its few hours before my train leaves for Mumbai, and its That Funny Feeling again.

I have always enjoyed traveling to Mangalore. This was one short [totally unplanned] vacation trip and like all trips, it’s almost over……….well not yet though, but almost over. This Funny Feeling will be over too, I guess once I reach Mumbai, so thought might as well capture it here, before it vanishes after seeing the crowds and busy streets of Mumbai.

It’s “That Funny Feeling” which always comes up as any vacation nears its end. However short and unplanned this vacation maybe, I am going to miss this place, the people I met, the food I relished and all those small moments that were enjoyable and relaxing enough to unwind me from my daily work routine. Cheers to all!

The kkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr volume is increasing, guess they are attracted to my laptop screen in the dark. Its time to go indoors and continue, since I haven’t captured “That Funny Feeling” yet.

Drifting slightly from the main topic (the insects diverted my mind I guess)…
The only complain I had from this trip is meeting so many relatives in such less time. Well, simply meeting them was not actually a complain; in fact was good to catch up with so many of them. The real annoying aspects of meeting relatives were the two questions that were constantly bombarded at me at each house. 1) What’s your age, and 2) when are you getting married? Puffff !!! I am immune to it now. During my 4 days here, I think it was asked exactly 137 times each. One more question came close third and was asked about a moderate 43 times. 3) So you came to Mangalore to see proposals is it?
Well I am not going to answer any of the above here. Although I do remember I gave a different answer for each instance any of those questions were asked.
Apart from these annoying instances, everything else is a well cherished memory.
And I wish to be back more frequently and quite often.

Before I log off….Treat yourself to this spontaneous poetry.

Change is the only permanent thing they say,
And that feelings in this ever changing world no longer stay!
But it’s That Funny Feeling which keeps coming up every now and then.
Especially when the train leaves tomorrow; and now its 10!
What attract me most to my hometown are the colors of nature – lush Green acres of fields, Red soil, Blue skies, White beach sand.
In my city however, the colors still exist, but not of nature; only artificial by man.
Here, every sound, smell, touch, sight is soothing!
There, most of it is polluting.
Words fall short to express what I have to say
Feel free to interpret this in your own preferred way.
For the rest of this night me going to shut off my thinking,
And prefer being a little while longer with That Funny Feeling.

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