Saturday, April 12, 2014

Press that your finger!!!

Elections have started and for once there is a topic that is more popular within the country other than cricket. The entire country seems to be interested and everyone appears to be an expert advisor. News channels are all at it with sophisticated opinion polls, spicy attention grabbing debates, sting operations and what not. Well, that’s their job, and let them do it.

But we, the people have an even bigger job. To Vote! No No……….let me take that back. I think the bigger job is to decide; whom to Vote! We have so many parties (political parties) and so many candidates. India is a diverse country and this reflects in the fact that we have so many political parties, each with their own agenda catering to the diverse people.  However, not to forget, the fate of India for next few years will be decided during this election; and its best if we all together come out and caste our vote, to only those political parties, that are capable of governing  India(I choose my words carefully……..its governing…...and not ruling).

Although we have plenty of choices as to whom to vote, we have very little choice of right and able candidates; or even political parties for that matter. Only 2 parties come close to whom we can say have the resources and are able to be forming the government. – BJP and Congress. Well, I’ll include AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) as well, since they are the latest buzz. Let’s make it 3 able parties then – BJP, Congress and AAP.

Now if we consider India, a nation with 28 states (count may even increase by the time I finish this sentence) and 7 union territories, and more than a billion people; it needs experience along with resources to govern.

AAP did start off with a noble and honest intention (it still has), but has proved to be a disaster, nothing more than a finger pointing system. I have full respect to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for having the guts to take on political heavy weights in style, but it’s just childish propaganda that AAP has achieved. No serious work executed responsibly. It’s so clear that AAP cannot govern, they are incapable of governing. A national capital is in Presidents rule because of them. They had a chance to govern and do good work in Delhi. Instead, they quit; and now they want India. AAP is a party that has fooled people and made full use of people’s sentiments and emotions of bad governance by past governments. I still feel they have the right intentions, but would want to see them do well at state level and then contest for country. As everyone gives school exams, clears it and then attempts a college exam. No one simply goes to college or a degree without schooling. So capability wise, AAP gets a big zero.

About Congress well, I wouldn’t waste much time talking about this party on my blog. We all know the truth. There are thousands of other blogs that criticize or praise Congress. They definitely have the people and resources to govern India. But Congress is more interested in ruling; not governing. And I still do not understand why Rahul Gandhi is given so much importance. The school going kids from my society can challenge him for an open debate and defeat him left right and center. He is just another incapable person who is there in limelight just because of Luck by Chance; that surname – Gandhi!

Now time for some BJP bashing. Always labeled as a communal party, and why not, many of its leaders do give rubbish statements in media. They too have resources and people to govern India, but more than anything else, they have an able performer – Narendra Modi. Credit should go to the BJP that a low level person selling tea can now be contesting for the Prime Minister’s office. All this because of his work and proven record, atleast at state level. Not like the Congress dynasty where the ticket to be the party chief or PM is to be born in the Gandhi family. Is Modi a clean man? I don’t think so. No one is a clean man! Not even Kejriwal (the self proclaimed…… I am right others are wrong type)! But Modi is certainly most able of the lot. In the past BJP has had their fare share at forming a government and many agree they did do decently; atleast much better than Congress has in more than 50 years.

Voting for the right candidate is tough. Especially when you want someone to be a PM, but the local candidate from that party is not worthy. For instance, in one of the areas in Mumbai, the list of contestants are – Rakhi Sawant, Manish Manjrekar, Kamal Khan, Gurudas Kamath, Mayank Gandhi, and a dozen more. This looks more like the Big Boss nominations J

To Vote is similar to going out to a restaurant with your friends and ordering food.
Kaise? Dekho Aise-
Once in the restaurant you look at the menu (candidates in your constituency). Then based on your need, you select an item to order (voting a candidate). Often people look at what others have ordered and copy that. May happen you or your friend does not order anything (increases chance of bogus voting). So to just give company to your group, you order a light snack, or a juice (Nota - None of the Above). Everyone orders something. Same way, during these elections, ensure you and your friends press a button and mark your finger.

Like I said earlier, unfortunate that we do not have much choice as far as good candidates are concerned. But my only hope is that we all Indians come out and Vote; take that extra effort; have the larger context in mind, to make a better India and caste our vote to that candidate; not whom you feel is the best, but for that candidate, who is capable and can govern well!

Let us all as united India, get out of our homes.........and Vote!!! Jai Hind.

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