Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ship of Theseus

Had never heard about this movie until couple of days back, and was unsure if I would be watching ‘Ship of Theseus” on a big screen. I checked its trailer and teasers on YouTube, and then was absolutely sure that I’ll not be missing this one :)

The intention of this movie is revealed by three stories that appear disconnected until the last 2 min’s or so. Three different stories have three different characters that mesmerize the audience with their almost real to life performances. First story is about a young intuitive photographer who gets back her eye sight but has to deal with its aftermath. The second is about a monk who lives life by his principles but later faces a choice that challenge the very ideology he believes in. The third is about a young stock broker who offers to help a poor stranger; but later realizes how intricate morality and ethics could be. Each story gets connected in the end, like a poetic thriller; and you only realize that the movie is finished when the audience starts clapping :)

I couldn't pick a favorite story or character. All were superb! This movie follows the life events of these characters but at the same time, paints a bigger picture about morality, beauty, purpose of existence, and our beliefs.  At some point, it appears as if the makers are trying to convey that everything in this existence is interconnected; no matter however diverse and different it seems. Maybe that’s why the poster of the movie is depicted as:

This is definitely not main stream Bollywood cinema, where there is loud entertainment, boy loves girl, item numbers, cars flying all over the place. This is high quality world cinema. The cinematography, background score, dialogues, acting by entire cast is refreshingly different for an Indian film. Also it’s even surprising to know that the entire film was shot with a Canon DSLR!!!

Naham Janami is one song that plays in the background during the monk story with beautiful lyrics that captures the essence of life.

Do yourself a favor and watch it on a big screen if possible.

Oh and by the way, just because the name suggests Ship of Theseus does not mean there are any Ships in the movie. At the most you may see a plane and few cars :)…….. Jokes apart! Ship of Theseus refers to the Theseus Paradox. That if a Ship (or any object for that matter), has all its parts replaced, is it fundamentally the same Ship (or object)!................. Thinking already?