Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saathi Salaam...

So I was travelling back from work with Pranav driving my car; and me sitting in the navigator seat, enjoying the varied range of music being played from his mobile. While scrolling through his playlist, I randomly clicked a song titled "Saathi Salaam", not knowing if it would be a good one with all this traffic around.
I heard it........and it happened to be much more than a song; it was an experience........and the experience was elevating. It just takes you to a higher state of consciousness.

Often people ask "hey who is your fav artist?.........or.........what kind of music do you listen to?". Its tough to give a reply. I love music but don't have a favorite artist. And as far as kind of music is concerned, i like any music that makes one feel good. Saathi Salaam  is surely such kind of powerful music that will make you feel different after you listen to it.

On returning back home, I youtube'd Saathi Salaam and saw the recorded video performance, and kept on seeing and hearing it. Found out and saw all possible videos I could about this piece of music creation. Researched a little to see how the artists collaborated such wonderful music. The lyrics are a little tough to catch, but it doesn't matter. Once you get hold of the lyrics, you'll love it even more :). Love it when the lyrics  of a song give out a spiritual insight.

To reveal a little bit more, the song is a fusion of old folk poetry and modern music. And in this poetry, the poet asks a man where is he going. The man replies I am going to God's house. To which the poet replies.......Oh, He is my friend, give this letter to Him. That's why, the poetry / song is .........Saathi Salaam.

An interesting comment on youtube about this song says....... "not one word, not one word did i understand...but i danced, i cried, i laughed, i died...i lived" And that's exactly how you too will feel.

Hope you all too love it :)

PS: the real star of this song is Sawan Khan.

PPSS: notice i haven't given any links or embedded the video here :). its for you to search the internet and find out on your own. God bless. Have fun listening.

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