Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If Only Advertisements Could Be Like This...

Advertisements or TV commercials are a bunch of false promises…..or simply put, plain lies. Specially the cosmetic advertisements. Everyone is trying to sell something that they themselves do not use.

Superstars, Good looking models, cute Kids, even dogs promote products they never use :)

Sample punch lines could be -
‘Apply cream X and become whiter by 10X’ – ‘Drink this and get wings or increase your height’ – ‘Spray this and girls will come hunting for you’ – ‘Eat this and the more you eat, the more weight you loose’………….and what not !!!

TV commercials these days are popular for their entertainment factor rather than genuineness of the actual product. It’s good to see that most consumers are intelligent and do not fall for these false promises. We buy what we need………….or …..Do we?

For the first time I have come across a commercial / advertisement, in which this brand doesn't focus on selling the product, neither does it mention the name of the product even once……….rather, it chooses to focus on the issue that their product promises to improve. (In this case…….it is beauty)

Hats off to Dove for creating this sort of a commercial! …………..If only more advertisements could be like this :)

PS: prefer watching it with your headphones........i'm sure you would watch it more than once!

PPSS: If unable to see the embedded video below, click on this

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