Saturday, March 09, 2013

Heaven and Hell

Does it really exist?

Well, “Who all want to go to heaven after death?” ask this question to a group of people and I bet almost all will raise their hands J. Change the question just a little and ask “Who all want to go to hell?”, be assured not one hand will come up.

Heaven and Hell! Interesting this concept is………..ever realized that?

Religions have always portrayed Heaven to be filled with happiness, peace, joy, bliss. Where every wish will be fulfilled, all the angels and fairies will take care of you, everything will be available in abundance, and you will be with Gods and Goddesses.

And in contrast, Religion says Hell is where the Devil greets youJ. It’s a place filled with fire, where you will be fried and punished, and dragged and beaten and left to rot. It’s the place where all sinners are sent to.

Christians, Judaism call it ………Heaven and Hell
Muslims ……….. Jannat and Jahaanum
Hindus ………. Swarg and Narak
Zoroastrians ……… Paradise and Hell

Every child is taught about someplace distant up in the skies, where all the good guys go. And someplace underground where all the bad guys go. (ahem ahem....thinking which one you are? ;) )

People from different religions even fight and argue with each other as to whose Heaven is better.  Isn’t it?
I’ve met people from different walks of life and many times they ask me if I believe in Heaven and Hell? And my blunt answer is ……. NO !!! J. I see this concept from a different perspective.  I feel all Religions teach this concept of Heaven and Hell just to induce fear in minds of people and to control them. It is just a carrot.

Heaven is not some place above; neither Hell is some place below. They both are…..Here and…..Now!

Whenever we are calm and peaceful, happy, making others around us happy, sharing and doing some good, spreading smiles………..then Heaven is right there.
And whenever we are miserable or spread misery, when we get angry, when our words and actions hurt others……….. then Hell is right there.

To understand the deeper meaning about Heaven and Hell as taught in various Religions worldwide , a Spiritual outlook is necessary in life.

Forget dreaming about going to Heaven or Hell after you die. Who cares anyways where you go! We have a choice, and capability to live either in Heaven or in Hell……………..right NOW! J.

Let us choose wisely!