Friday, April 17, 2009

Game of Education and Money by our Current Government

Some more facts related to the education system handled by over current government :))

--> Exceptional Rise in educational fees:
Back in 1991, at IIT , the semester fees were Rs 20! Yup, you heard it right… Then the government started withdrawing financial aid to the IITs and today the semester fees in IIT is to the tune of Rs 20,000!! Forget about IIT, the absolutely pathetic state of the educational infrastructure of all government run institutions hits you right in the face! That’s one of the reasons they have reservation maybe, to cover up their absolute inability to impart any semblance of basic education to the children of our country.

--> Donating Money to Harvard and Cambridge
Now while our own education systems are in a pretty bad shape, our government gives out money to Harvard and Cambridge universities!! And says stuff like we were not sure that they would accept the money, we are so grateful that they did!! How much money? To the tune of Rs 50 crores!! Just because Mr. Nehru studied from there. Instead had that money been utilized for Indian Rural University /College development we would had best infrastructure for lakhs of Indian Students. In last one year there has been increase by 25% or more in fees in all Govt. Indian colleges and universities, and Govt is generously donating that money to Foreign Universities. (You can read more about this here - )

--> CBSE status for Madrassas
While Pakistan and some other islamic nations are closing down their madressas, there is talk of granting CBSE status to Islamic madressas in India, which means that people graduating with an almost jihadi "education" now could apply for government jobs! Which will mean that we won’t just have criminals in the bureaucracy and ruling us, we will have terrorists! They can be anyone, a Police officer, a Bus driver, a muncipal employee. Easy access to terrorism to enter into our system-- Jai ho! (Read more about this here -
and here -

We say India is a secular nation, then why cant we promote Muslim students to study in the mainstream schools with the rest? Why seperate the muslim students and encourage them to study in Madrassas? When Pakistan Govt. itself has realized that terrorism is breeding in some Madarasa and is keeping close watch on activities or closing many Madarasa in Pakistan, Our Indian Govt. is doing the opposite. In many Madarasa , only concept of Jihad is been taught and wrong education is been given .To secure Vote Bank , Congress has made the law for granting CBSE certificate and Job in Public Sector / Government to students passing from Madarasa

--> Scholarships for Minorities
In the passing they handed out scholarships to more than 25 lakh students in India… ALL minorities! When we say we Indians are ONE, they why the funda of minority or majority? What about those who are not a minority? Is this the right way to give scholarships, on the basis of minority or majority status?
All these issues are not been highlighted by the Media. Its just a one liner news and then its over. So we can easily tell who has pocketed the media:)).

So you see......... we cannot really trust the Media. This time go and vote......and Vote for CHANGE !!! :)

PS: These points are just the tip of the iceberg :)) .

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we should surely vote......................
..........we dont want a neta...........
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