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Our Money used in Pak & Afgan !!! - Media is quiet ...sshhh!!!

Here are some facts about our money - the money all of us cough up as tax and are threatened with dire consequences if we don’t pay on time, etc, etc… The money that the government is supposed to be using for the welfare of the people… Well, here is what they have done with it…

--> Remember the Mumbai train blasts? Well, around that time India gave financial aid to Pakistan for earthquake relief… Rs 150 crores of it! . Oh, you guys came and blew up our trains… Thanks a lot, we needed new ones anyways! Here is some money for your efforts! We have soooo much money, we really don’t know what to do with it! Using it for education or slum rehab, really didn’t cross our minds at all… :))

--> Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan! for infrastructure development… and i quote from the website: "In this case, India is providing three million dollars worth of gear. This includes 150 bullet-proof watch towers, 2,500 protective vests, and a lot of mine clearing equipment. So far, India has donated $700 million worth of good and services to Afghanistan, mostly for economic reconstruction." (Here is the link - Bullet proof watch towers and protective vests are economic reconstruction?!

--> After the 26th Nov mumbai attacks, government promised new weapons for the police department. Well, if you go to any police station and ask them, here is what they will tell you. "Yes, we have got new weapons. Previously we used weapons / Pistols / Rifles that fired only 2 rounds of bullets. But the current ones are 'supposed to' fire 24 rounds of bullets. Yeah, they are just 'supposed to' fire because these new weapons given to the police department are guns that are discarded by the Indian Army. So they look new, but who knows if they fire or not !!! "

This is how our current government is using the citizens money - utilizing it on countries like Pakistan and Afganistan that are already a threat to India.
And the best part is........ the Media does not highlight such issues. Thats the reason i said earlier.......the media just shows one side of the story ;))
Think about it. Vote for a Change !!!

PS: These are just some of the points that i have highlighted.......there are many such issues where our money has been utilized and not accounted for.

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Saurabh said...

watch this video .....................kucch nahi ho saakta

Read It Croores missing !!!!!!!!!

Bahut Baada Gaafla Kiya Hai Yeh Govt ne.....

Got this from the CAG ( Controller & Auditor General ) Report, an official govt agency, chapter 2 http//

The Rs 871531200000 missing from Govt treasury.

This is OUR money folks. What we paid this government as tax! Where have they put it?! There is simply no answer forthcoming!

Just to put it in perspective, 871531200000 seconds = 27,617 years!!

Excerpts from the C.A.G. Report:

Section 2.2 Unascertainable unspent balances in the accounts of Implementing agencies (excerpted and abridged)
For the year 2007-08 , the Union Govt made a provision for transfer of central plan assistance of Rs 51259.85 crore directly to state/district level autonomous bodies,authorities societies etc for implementation of centrally sponsored schemes. These have not been spent fully by the implementing agencies and lie unspent in their accounts.
The aggregate amount of unspent balances in the accounts of the implementing agencies kept outside Govt accounts is not readily ascertainable. The Govt expenditure as reflected in the accounts to that extent is therefore overstated.
Section 2.3. Opaqueness in Govt accounts
Scrutiny of Union Govt Finance accounts 2007-08 disclosed the Rs 20273.52 crore under 28 major heads of accounts was classified under minor head ‘800-other expenditure’ in the accounts constituting more than 50 % of the total expenditure under respective major heads.
This indicates a high degree of opaqueness in the accounts , the report says. It also says that the existing structure of the Govt accounts does not truly reflect the current activities of the the Govt in these Ministries /Depts.
Section 2.4 Understatement of Balances under Universal Service Obligation Fund
The USO fund was set up in April 2002 for achieving universal service objectives of increasing tele density in rural and remote areas. The resources for this are raised through universal access levy which is payable by all telecom operators under various licenses
A total Universal service levy of Rs 20404.44 crore was collected during 2002-03 to 2007-08 by the DoT but a disbursement of only Rs 6371.44 crore was made from the USO fund. Thus the closing balance of the fund on 31st March 2008 should be Rs 14099 crore as against the NIL balance shown under that head! The report says that “closing balance of the USO fund as on 31st March 2008 was therefore understated by Rs 14033 crore ”
The report also says that this matter was presented to the parliament but no action has been taken.
Section 2.5 Overstatement of capital expenditure
The Govt transferred Rs 6500 crore in 2006-07 and Rs 6000 crore in 2007-08 to the Social and Infrastructure Development fund (SIDF) for initiatives like upgradation of industrial training institutes, training of farmers etc. Thus entire amount was booked as capital expenditure in the accounts of these 2 years.
The report says that examination of the expenditure of Rs 3447.75 crore incurred during 2007-08 disclosed that Rs 1586.75 crore was of revenue nature.
It says that capital expenditure in the Consolidated Fund of India 2006-07 was thus overstated to the extent of at least Rs 1586.75 crore. For 2007-08 capital expenditure of Rs 6000 crore is overstated.
… and so on …

In English (and i hope i understood all that legalese right) this means that Rs 51259.85 crores + Rs 20273.52 crores + Rs 14033 crores + Rs 1586.75 crores = Rs 87153.12 crores is simply missing! and this is just for the years 2007-09! Over the years, how much of our money has been stolen from us?!
The Rs 871531200000 is just not there.

Amazingly, this report is on a government website, and no one has talked about it! Not the present government (ofcourse!), not the media, not anyone!
Vote for change… please


I am not promoting any party or something but every citizen should be aware of whats happening. The media have their own restriction... Some are stuffed with money to brush up the issues under the carpet. Some are crushed by power...

Dont fall into prey for political parties who make fake promises or small rewards to attract your votes..... This is a very old charm which the politicians play on the poor people. whereas the intelligent white collar peace loving Indians waste all their energy sitting at home and watching television...Atleast every person should encourage the people in their society and area to vote and educate them.

Our nation has been robbed and looted. If this time our country goes into some wrong hands the next five years would be like hell...

Make sure you give your vote with proper survey of the candidates based on their credibility and not just bcoz they belong to some caste or community or mamas or papas favourites...

and dont be embarrased to forward this to your friends if u believe u r an indian

Jai Hind