Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you sure the Media covers up the Entire Nation !!!

Lets look at some more facts about the current government ..........ready for few more surprises!! :))

How many states do we have in India? ............ are you sure u know the answer? or do you have to google it ?? :))
Well...... there are few states that do not get any attention from the media......... no matter how worse a condition exists there.

--> Situation in Assam
Our current Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has been elected to Rajya Sabha for the past eighteen years from Assam… either as an MP or as the PM. And amazingly he has never spoken a word about the illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis which challenges the population structure in seven districts of that State. Maybe they are the guys that vote him in?!

There was a case in Guwahati High Court. A Pakistani infiltrated into Assam via Bangladesh and got included in the voters list after obtaining a ration card by paying bribe to the local officials. After that, he contested in and won the Assembly election on 1996!! In its judgment, the Guwahati High Court expressed deep anguish and said that only in Assam foreigners could come to power and even make the native people minorities. :))

The Pakistani flag is now being hoisted in five districts of states like Assam where the Muslim population has gone up significantly. 92000 Hindusand 6000 Christians are now languishing in refugee camps. The government has turned a blind eye to this. In the name of security, innocent people have been put in jails, whereas people like Yaasin Malik who has 23 murder charges on him, are moving Scot free and gathering their own strength. Is it acceptable to any patriotic Indian?

--> Situation in Andra Pradesh
Thanks to the Congress led Government, out of 36000 temples in Andhra Pradesh, 28000 have closed down in the last five years. Do you want the same trend to continue in other parts of the country?

--> Situation in Nagaland
Why have the minorities in Nagaland, Mizoram & Kashmir not got the similar privileges like the minorities in other states? Why is the Govt following different rules for different religions?

--> Situation in Arunachal Pradesh
Do you know that China is gradually trying to extend its boundries and accquire Arunachal Pradesh? Infact it has already made claims that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China. Has the govenrment or the Media spoken or responded to China about this? Just imagine how China will react if India claims to accquire any land that belongs to China.

Read more about it here - http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1063888

--> Situation in Jammu and Kashmir
Well........most of us are atleast aware of the situation in J&K. But do you know that on 14th August Pakistani flags are hoisted in this region....... and more over......... on 15th August, the India flag is BURNT in most of the parts. Which country would allow such acts to take place??. I guess i shamefully have to admit that ..."It happens only in India!!"

Such is the plight of most of the states in Eastern India and other parts of the nation. And nothing has been done apart from generating vote banks by dividing the nation into Majority and Minority. Can't Hindu's , Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsi's etc. and all religions keep aside thier religion and think for a moment that we are all Indians :))

Well....... you can act. Go and Vote.........and Vote for Change !!!

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