Thursday, April 09, 2009

Vote for Change - Say No to Milli Jhulli Sarkar

The Election mania has started already. We all want a change in government. We all want a change in our (Indian) politics and politicians. However, the only power that we citizens posses is - " to vote ". I agree that 1 vote hardly matters. But nevertheless does matter. I hope we all go and vote during this elections.

Since 1991, no party has won the elections with a majority. Its always been a coalition government (Mili Jhuli Sarkar). In such situations, the government spends more time, money and efforts in keeping the coalition together, so that they don't loose the majority; rather than serving / developing the country.

In the USA (and many other contries) , there are only 2 parties that contest the elections -
1) The Republicans and 2) The Democrats.
In India, i think there are hundreds :)) . And we all wish that we have only 2 political parties in our country..........don't we?
But if we look closely, even in India, there are 2 major National parties -
1) Congress and 2) BJP.

So if we neglect or avoid voting the regional parties, and keeping our Nation in mind, if we vote for either of the above 2 parties, then surely there will be a single government this time.

Agreed, both parties are equally bad, equally corrupt. But for the past 18 years, we have not had a single government. Lets kick out the Mili Jhuli Sarkar and vote to get a single government.
But which party to choose out of the two........... do your own research. And PLEASE don't believe the Media, News papers, TV Reports completely. They just show one side of the story :)))

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