Friday, October 31, 2008

Graceful white surprise ...

Its time for me to leave Finland for the moment and go back to India ;). So for the past few days i was involved in clearing stuff over here and also packing my bags. It has been a wonderful experience of learning and sharing. Lots of stories and memories :). 

Also, the winters are fast approaching, with temperatures touching zero degrees. (and even goes below zero at night). Till yesterday it was all green outside. The skies were cloudy, and the weather was windy. Nice and pleasent for a long walk with special people ;). But today, it started to snow in the afternoon. And it snowed heavily for about 2 hours, thus everything outside was all white. Everything was covered in snow..........the cars, trees, bikes and even people. The roads that were clear and visible till yesterday were covered under thick lush yet soft snow. 

The entire place looked different after the transition/addition of snow. I was all excited to see the first snow this year, so took out my bike and went for a nice chilled bike ride ;). And just looking around, observing everything, i could feel the soft snow falling upon me from the endless skies above. The wind flowing would ocassionally make innovative designs of the snow flakes floating in the air. And with everything so pure and white around me, i could only feel grateful to the Divine for giving me this oppurtunity to experience His abundance presence all around us. Truely Magnificent !!! :)

Here's a pic of the first snow fall that i clicked.

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