Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happiest Person!!!

Hi Guys......... i have been living in Oulu (Finland) now for approximately a year now. And i have made many friends during my stay and work here. Each moment has been an experience. No need to label them as good or bad, but just experiences. And tonnes to learn from. There have been happy moments, some sad moments, lonely moments............ but right now when i think about them...........I feel, everything was so perfect.

Speaking about happy moments, a friend of mine from the same company is also working here in Oulu since last one year. He has seen the extreme winters (-30 degrees), the summer, the autumn. Played cricket, volleyball and other games. Visited Switzerland, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam. During his stay i have seem him get happy, angry and all the other emotions that teenage boys go through.

But earlier this month, this dude went back to India and got engaged. And after he came back, we all have seen such change in him. He is just so Happy!!! Would like to wish him a hearty congrats for his life ahead. When he went back, he has experienced many miracles and adventures. He tells us that the formula to his success statements are: No Matter What. You Gone Mad or What. At the Worst what Happens....Nothing Happens. (Those who were here in Oulu on they will understand this ;) ).

Congrats to him once again. His name by the way is Sheshukumar Cherukuri. Do mail him and write to him at

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