Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Q' bole to....Quilling! ....part 2

If you missed my previous post ....... do read the earlier blog on Quilling

And its Quilling with double 'l's and not Quilting. If one searches Quilling on google, it asks back "Are you searching for Quilting" .

Well my friend keeps surprising me, and many others with her new Quilling creations :). Yeah just gets bigger......better! The new designs have evolved from an envelope to photo frames to birthday cards ....... and who knows what next :) . Well, we can only wait and watch.

So as I had mentioned earlier, the wonder still continues :). And its so nice to see so many people ordering the Quilled artwork from her. Well, in this post i won't write much, but will leave you with many more pictures for you to enjoy and comment upon. If you have any creative idea, or would like to have any of the Quilling creations, do let me know. Enjoy the pictures of the Photo Frames , Envelopes (Ganesha and Rakshabandhan special), B'day Cards.

My personal fav here would be the Peacock design on the photo frame, but the Butterfly Park frame is also a close contender :)

Also one of the pic is of the Quilling art from my car, that's called a it has the shape of a tiny particle of Snow. (i guess writing a blog and posting pictures is much easier than Quilling :P .....pun intended! )

PS: I had ordered the frame with wooden finish, and the person whom I gifted it simply loved it ! :)