Monday, July 04, 2011

'Q' bole to....Quilling!

Every once in a while, we come across people who put you in wonder! As in, they just make you go Wow! I have a good friend who often amazes me.
Well...this post is not about her. It’s just about a creative quality she possesses :)
If I ask you a question....Have you heard about Quilling? Your immediate answer would be, ….hmmm.......errrrr……..ummm…...Quill...what??
Well, even I had the same answer the first time :P
Quilling is a form of paper art, where strips of paper are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs.
Yeah I know it sound silly when I define it :) ..... but when one sees it...... it’s just wonder ! ....that Wow I mentioned earlier :)
And this friend of mine does it so beautifully.
I remember the first time she had showed me few of her Quilling art work. She had made few designs on an envelope.
And it looked so simple yet brilliant.
My first thought generally use plain lame envelops to gift something. So why not use the Quilling envelopes for gifting.
It makes the gift look so much more attractive and royal :P
Well the only downside would be people may consider the envelope to be the gift and neglect the gift inside it : P
And it’s just not Quilling envelopes that she does…….there’s a whole range of endless ideas she can play around with.
Enough talks...... just look at some of her designs. The Ganesha one is my personal favorite :)

I know what everyone's thinking !!! do I get my hands on them :) just need to get in touch with her.
For now, if you need any of her fantastic creations, just let me know.