Tuesday, June 07, 2011


For last few days, i have been travelling a lot by road. Mostly using the Western Express highway from Borivali to Andheri and back. Its actually after a long long time that I started riding my bike daily...........on the road ofcourse :P

To speak about the traffic, well, Mumbai traffic is the best among the worst traffic we get in our country..............isin't it? The roads are rarely empty.
While riding, one thing that used to irritate or bother me was the excessive honking by other riders / drivers. (we Ride a bike....and we Drive a car -- for those who don't know the difference!!!) . I am sure even you must have observed this. We are at a red signal, and people behind pressing that horn franticly. We are stuck in a jam packed traffic, still people behind us, to the right, left and in front of us keep honking. Yeah as if the more number of times they honk, that many vehicles will be reduced on the road........like the traffic would just vanish :). And to be honest, there were moments when this honking did bother me.

So i started playing a game :). And that was to simply ignore the excessive honking. And boy that did wonders. Like if there a car behind me honking desperately, i just ignore it. Infact i also reduce my speed for few seconds. Now its not that by doing so the car driver stopped honking. In some cases they honked even more. But simply by ignoring it, made me more peaceful. It made me enjoy my ride much better, even in the traffic, even in the pollution :).
People may not change............but i can surely change myself...........to some extent :)
I recommend that someday you too play this game when u ride........or drive :P