Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama or McCain ?

Who should be the next president of USA? Well, only the people of USA can decide that :). The two presidential candidates are Barack Obama and John McCain. One of these will be replacing George Bush. Barack Obama represents the democratic party and John McCain represents the republican party. (McCain belongs to the same party as that of George Bush). The next president of USA will be declared in January 2009.............but the entire world is keeping itself updated about the proceedings.

Some of us may think, how does it matter to us who the next president of USA is? Well, it does matter a bit...........only a bit. Anyways, its the American peoples choice, and let them decide whats best for them. But what i liked the most is the method of electing a President in USA. You see, when the candidates are nominated for the post of president, they have to provide a full proof plan as to how they are going to sort out the various issues of the country. This includes education, health care, border security, taxation and other such issues.

Then they have to participate in a series of debates, that will be held by a chairperson and the entire debate will be viewed by the common people on TV. This helps them to decide whom they are going to cast their vote for. I seen the last presidential debate between Obama and McCain on youtube. And boy its a treat to watch it. The chairperson asks them such tough and direct questions. Both candidates had to talk on issues (as to how would they solve it if they were elected president) regarding the current fall in American economy, the War on Iraq, the relationships with Iran etc. Its not just that they had to say they would solve the countries problems, they have to present a detail roadmap with facts and figures.

On one occasion, both candidates had to talk about how they are going to solve the economic crises of the America. Both spoke for a while in highly technical terms. And after they had finished speaking, the chairperson points a figure at them and says "I haven't understood a single thing what you just said. It all seems a crap to me". (Imagine someone saying that to you in a debate. You had to change the method of explanation then right) Thats how tough the debates are. Poori tarah se nanga kardeta hain (It projects what plans your going to execute).

I wish even we could have such events during our Presidential or Prime Minister elections so that the common man can decide easily and be clear as to whom he/she will be voting.

But whoever becomes the next president of USA, one thing is for sure........more wars!!! Obama however says that he would remove the troops from Iraq and focus more on the terrorists that Pakistan is supporting. McCain on the other hand says that if he is the president then he will continue this war on Iraq.

I think this...........McCain is a photocopy of Bush. Obama seems more practical and tough. I would go for Obama.

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