Monday, September 29, 2008

Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy.......

Nathuram Godse is as famous as Mahatma Gandhi. Why? Simple……because he assassinated Gandhi. But what most people do not know is the reason why Nathuram Godse did it. This play that I seen today “Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy” reveals the story from Mr. Godse’s point of view.

For all those who do not know, let me tell you that Nathuram Godse was not a madman or a criminal to assassinate Gandhi. Infact, during his teen years, Gandhi was an Idol to Godse. And yet Godse assassinated Gandhi on January 30, 1948, approaching him during the evening prayer, bowing, and shooting him three times at close range with a Beretta semi-automatic pistol. Immediately after this, he surrendered himself to police, rather than running away.
It’s just that our history books portray him as the bad man who shot Gandhi. And no surprise in that as India after Independence was mostly governed (I prefer the term “mostly ruled”) by Congress. So most of the history that is been told in our education system is NOT the truth. Hence it’s best to investigate yourself using trustworthy sources. Anyways…..this blog is not to blame or accuse the Congress.
As I mentioned earlier, Nathuram Godse shot Gandhi (who was his Idol), three times and just stood there. He could have run away in the commotion of the crowd. He could have also shot himself in order to escape the punishment of assassinating the Father of Nation. Instead, he chose to stand there and get arrested. Now there has to be some moral reason to do this. Yes there is a reason to it. And the pity is that most of us are not aware about it. You know whom to blame for that :-). Well, the play “Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy” presents to us the assassination of Gandhi from Nathuram’s point of view and why he chose to take this drastic step.
This play has been banned and not available on cd or dvd (atleast I could not find one). But you can view this play on It’s banned for obvious reasons that some people who have written our Indian history do not want the common man to know the truth. Do also visit this webpage It shares a lot of information regarding Gandhi and the reason for his assassination. They mainly highlight Gandhi’s idea of non-violence and the partition of India into India and Pakistan. Check the play and the website and decide for yourself about the truth.
If anyone asks me, I don’t think Mahatma Gandhi deserves to be the Father of my Nation.

PS: Once you open youtube, type in the search field 'Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy' and you will get the play in parts. Its divided into 14 parts and its in marathi. If you want it in English subtitles, then go to, and download the files by copy-pasting the links given in a different browser.

And the actor who plays Nathuram Godse does a fabulous job in unfolding the character.